Bldg 394
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White on white.
We are getting a bed frame similar to this one circa 1880!!!! Check out
David & I are leaving the big city for the south. We will call Austin, TX our new home! It’s all happening so fast. In less than 24 hours we sold all our furniture which was way quicker than we expected. In a month or so we will be hitting up flea markets and antique stores along our cross country journey in hopes to find some unique gems! We are in search of a converted-queen antique bed frame so if you know anywhere for us to look please let us know! We have spoken with Cathouse Beds but before we commit to anything we are going to search the flea markets everywhere between the northeast, midwest, and southwest. Wish us luck!
a lovely desk area — a mix of whites and wood. my favorite!
This TRUCK bed is going to be the inspiration for my next ikea hack once we move to Austin!
Simple and calming bedroom.
Modern cabinetry with rustic decor.